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Havelock Primary School, Nursery & ARP

Success, Nothing Less

Vision and Values

Mission Statement

At Havelock we believe it is our role as educators to serve our community so that our pupils become the very best version of themselves and strive to achieve their future ambitions.


Our community values are upheld in our 5 Rs; Resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reflectiveness and relationships.


It is through these 5Rs, that we promote an inclusive, nurturing and highly aspirational culture of learning and behaviour, where we strive for each child to reach their full potential leaving no child under-served.


Havelock Primary School is proud to serve a community that has a diverse cultural heritage, which we have woven into our ambitious curriculum.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed by our staff so that it provides the knowledge pupils need to prepare them for the next stage in their learning. It has been carefully planned and sequenced so that children build on concepts that they have already learned and create a secure foundation for their future learning and understanding.

Reading is seen as the cornerstone of all learning and it’s fundamental role in securing learning across the curriculum is our priority.

Our parents are our partners in learning and we work in partnership together to secure an aspirational future for all children.


As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School our values link to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.  Every time we talk about values we encourage the children to link them to Children’s Rights. Each class has a Class Charter that highlights the UNICEF Articles that they feel are important to be a successful member of their class. The Charter also outlines the responsibilities of adults (known as ‘duty bearers’) to support children’s rights.


We are a growth mindset school. We know that what we do will set the direction of our pupils’ future. We practice and model kindness and compassion within a culture of high expectations and aspirations for all pupils.


At Havelock it is our role to seek out and grow potential, finding a way through for every child.

To achieve this, we use metacognition and evidence-based approaches enshrined in our values, the 5 Rs:

Being Resourceful – children can draw on several resources in the classroom to aid in their learning

Building Relationships – children can build, maintain, and cultivate relationships with their peers in a positive manner throughout the school day

Being Resilient – children are comfortable making mistakes in their learning and know it is part of learning

Being Reflective – children can reflect on their learning and progress and can give reflective feedback regarding it

Being Responsible – children are responsible for their rights and understand actions have consequences