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Design & Technology

In Design & Technology, our pupils plan and make something for somebody that has a particular purpose. Pupils can apply their skills from maths, English, and science to explore different ideas to solve a problem. Our curriculum encourages creativity, risk-taking and builds interpersonal skills and collaboration. It is practical and encourages our pupils to consider their future career path (e.g., in engineering). Pupils develop their skills through the experience of designing, making, and evaluating their work using a variety of tools, techniques, and materials. They develop their technical knowledge and learn about hygiene (within their food units of work), safety and a variety of technical language. Depending on the phase and year group, pupils will learn about mechanisms or mechanical systems, structures, food, textiles, and electrical systems. Computer aided design would also be used in appropriate year groups. Threshold concepts are used throughout the school to aid retention and develop a deeper understanding of concepts.