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Success, Nothing Less


Good, February 2024

Havelock Primary School continues to be a Good school. 

Our most recent Ofsted report highlights:

  • Pupils feel safe and are taught school values about equality and respecting the rights of others. 
  • The school’s curriculum matches the breadth and ambition of the national curriculum. m. The school outlines the knowledge and skills they want pupils to know in different subjects.
  • Pupils with SEND receive effective help and support to learn the curriculum. Appropriate adaptations are made to enable pupils with SEND to learn effectively.
  • The school has high expectations for all pupils’ achievement. Teaching checks regularly that pupils remember important information.
  • The school fosters supportive, nurturing interactions between pupils. Many pupils share the view that there are trusted adults in school who will help them.
  • Pupils have a variety of opportunities to read and enjoy books. Pupils at the early stages of learning to read receive phonics teaching daily. This starts from the Reception Year onwards or whenever they join the school. The school checks pupils’ knowledge and skills to recognise letters and the sounds they make.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.